Prison Cell

“for me it’s like a prison cell…”

The upcoming album from Kelly Ann Wilson (2016)


Prison Cell

(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)

My momma still calls me up on the phone – To see if I’m breathing I guess – She doesn’t have to do that at all – I must be her biggest regret – But everyone in this town, has hearts of gold – What lead me astray, so many things I know – They still believe I could do something good – Why don’t they give up on me – Lord knows that I never could //Chorus/ For me it’s like a prison cell – No one got me here but myself – All those I hurt along the way – I shouldn’t be free while they pay – Someone sing me a dark old lullabye – For all that I have thrown away in this life – Barbed wire and a tall, tall copper fence – Brings the sinner home again // I remember sitting in that church – The preacher said people find freedom in these walls – While the light shines through a stained glass window -And the bible holds words of old songs – But I ran out into the cold -Through the fog and the graveyard,  I ran alone – To where I’m standing now -This place that I built – Far from church bells // Chorus // I have never held a gun – Pulled the trigger and killed someone – But I sure drink and I swear – I may believe in heaven – But I’m not gonna make it there // Chorus // Someone sing me a dark old lullabye – lullabye

© 2010 Kelly Ann Wilson

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