“let the sun shine…”

“Sunshine” (2009)




(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)

Does anyone feel the pain – does anyone see the rain – does anyone know the same – struggle – A lot of loved ones lost – A battle they had fought – Now we think we know – But then again we don’t //Chorus/ So let the sun shine down on earth – Let the sun shine down the cure – What we can do is pray for the day – For the people who need our help – To get the sunshine // If we all give our time – If we all give our love – We can all give hope – For that day to come – There will be no rain – There will be no pain – The dark clouds will break – So let the sun shine //Chorus// To get the sun, the sunshine

© 2009 Kelly Ann Wilson


Stories Behind the Songs


  1. Seventeen in the Country

(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)

The first album track was the last song written for the album. I actually wrote it the day before I turned 17. I wanted an upbeat, lighthearted start to the album. I did not manage to carry that trend to the next album…

2. The Boots

(Lyrics by Kelly Ann Wilson,  Music by Bill Wilson)

I remember writing this song at I think 12-years-old. I was sitting in my grandparents living room with a big window overlooking the farm that my grandpa has built up and worked. The song doesn’t describe his life exactly but his and so many other farmers I watched grow too old to work the land they loved. I dedicated it to him. 

3. The Highway

(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)

I don’t really remember writing this one! I was only 15-16 at the time. I love my uncles guitar part on it through. I think it fits the album full of story songs outside of my own life experience. 

4. Who I’m Wishing For

(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)

I never had written “love” (at 14-15) songs about boys too much. But if Taylor Swift could then so could I! This was when she only had 2 songs out so far and it nods to “Teardrops on My Guitar” which I wished I had written!

5. Country Life, City Dreams

(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)

First of all, I just really wanted fiddle on my album. Secondly, this was my “rebel song” I had aspirations before a prolonged illness of university and achievement and causing affect in the world beyond the reaches of my hometown which I really do love. But I was actually told these words “how can you sing country music when you’re going to/living in the city.” For university, for an education…. That still aggravates me. 

6. Eight Seconds

(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)

I wrote this song after watching the movie by the same name on CMT about Layne Frost. I had to make slight changes after researching his life a bit further as the movie was not entirely accurate. Looking back, it may have been risky to release this song about someone I never knew or really understood but I wrote it really young so I hope those that love him can accept it as just a kid who was touched by his story and was thinking of the person they miss. 

7. Hear Them Crickets Sing

(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)

Just another upbeat, light hearted musing about trucks, boys, crickets, summer.

8. It’s Me

(Written by Bill Wilson & Kelly Ann Wilson)

My dad originally wrote this duet for us. I gave it a few tweaks and it is most people’s favourite song off the album! He was there for every step of this album process and truly pulled together all possible resources so I could have this dream and make an album.

9. Chevy 1985

(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)

So, true story I can tell so many years after the album was made… The day after it comes out, the boy in question approaches me in the hallway at school and says “I have brown eyes, and drive a Chevy.” Apparently I was not subtle. 

10. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)

I think I was probably 15 when I wrote this, I remember the day. It was raining I was sitting on the couch in the living room and I just got back from one of my best friend’s house. She was sick that day and I just wrote this for her. 

11. Guitars & Gasoline

(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)

Again, this song was written to fill out the album as a whole. It’s a simple country song. My dad said uhhh you couldn’t throw hay bales before you could walk. Creative license dad. Creative license. 

12. Sunshine

(Written by Kelly Ann Wilson)