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“A thick, milky sincerity. A sitting-on-the-front-porch-Friday-night-innocence. Family, home, tears and trucks. An undeniable I-am-who-I-am simplicity. This is Kelly Ann.” – Due West Magazine

Kelly Ann Wilson is a 25 year old country singer-songwriter. FullSizeRender (1)She comes from farm country outside of Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. Music is in her blood, passed down through generations of the Wilson family, where grandparents, great aunts and uncles, cousins and siblings have all been gifted with music. She grew performing on stage as a singer- songwriter with her Dad’s band “Local Traffic,” and with a family act. The first song complete song she remembers writing was at age 8 titled “A Little Does A Lot” and song writing remains her greatest tie to music.

The second song she wrote came at age 10, titled “Sunshine” and has taken on a life greater than words to a song. “Sunshine” reflects a way of life and courage in the face of cancer. It has brought renewed hope and comfort to many cancer patients and their families as a simple child’s view that the sunshine comes after such a storm. “Sunshine” became the name of her independent debut album, released in 2009 at the age of 17.

Recent Highlights of Kelly Ann’s Musical Career

  • Performances in the capital of country music, Nashville Tennessee
  • Attending the Canadian Country Music Awards in Edmonton, Alberta
  • The selection of her song “Part of My Story” for an independent American film
  • The selection of her song “Anchor” as the #6 Canadian release of 2016 by CMB
  • Beginning the production of her sophomore album “Prison Cell”


Flashforward to 2016 and Kelly Ann is working on her sophomore album “Prison Cell.” Further than singing and songwriting, Kelly Ann is contributing many art forms to the project. She has additionally taken on the role of co-producer, composer, instrumentalist, art director, and photographer. She has written 9 songs from the album and co-written the other. Kelly Ann Wilson continues to perform at select shows during the recording & production process.


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